Annual Forum


Time Agenda
08:30~09:00 Registration

Welcome Remarks  

Chi-Hsien Lee, Chairman (Taiwan Index Plus Corporation)

09:10~09:30 Opening Keynote:The Use of Index Investing to Invigorate the Market
Tien-Mu Huang, Vice Chairperson (Financial Supervisory Commission)
1st Panel Discussion: Effective Development and Application of Index Investing Products


Shin-Chung Chen, President and CEO (Taiwan Index Plus Corporation)


  • Shih-Chuan Tsai, Senior Executive Vice President (Taiwan Futures Exchange)
  • Pony Bo-Li Huang, Senior Vice President (Taiwan Stock Exchange)
  • Andy Chang, President and CEO (Cathay Securities Investment Trust Corporation)
  • Jessie Chang, Head of Index and Quantitative Investment Business Dept. (Yuanta Funds)
10:20~10:50 Networking/Refreshment Break
10:50~11:10 1st Keynote Address: Indexing Investment under Stock Connect Program
Dr. Shi Xiaocheng, Co-Chairman (China Exchanges Services Company Limited)
2nd Panel Discussion: Smart Beta 2.0 - Optimized Smart Beta Investing Strategy


Naikuan Huang, Senior Executive Vice President and CIO (Taiwan Stock Exchange)


  • Priscilla Luk, Head of Asia Pacific, Global Research & Design (S&P DJI)
  • Vincent Kwan, Director & General Manager(Hang Seng Indexes)
  • Chin Ping Chia, Managing Director and head of research (MSCI)
  • Eddie Pong, Director , Research & Analytics (FTSE Russell)
12:10~13:10 Luncheon / Networking 

Luncheon Keynote:Product Innovation Boosts Taiwan’s ETF Market

Chi-Hsien Lee, President/Chairman (Taiwan Stock Exchange/Taiwan Index Plus Corporation)

2nd Keynote Address: The Promising Outlook of Index Investing

Alex Huang, Executive Vice President (Yuanta Funds)

3rd Panel Discussion: The Upward Trend of Socially Responsible Investment


Jennifer Wang, Chairman (National Cheng-Chi University Risk and Insurance Research Center)


  • Bing-Jing Huang, Deputy CEO (Taipei Exchange)
  • Chang Chan,  Associate Professor (National Taipei University)
  • Henry Lin, President (Fubon Asset Management)
  • Broken Tuan, Managing Director, Head of Asia Business (Rayliant Advisors)


14:40~15:00 Networking/Refreshment Break 

3rd Keynote Address: Taiwan's ETF and Its Global Asset Allocation Strategies

Patrick Liao, Director, Head of Quantitative Index Investment Department (Fubon Asset Management)

4th Panel Discussion:Pension Funds - The Role of Passive Investment

Mr. Michael Lin


  • Li-Ju Liu, Deputy Director General (Bureau of Labor Funds)
  • Bond Yang, Senior Vice President & CIO (NanShan Life Insurance Co.)
  • Paul Hu, Senior Vice President, Discretionary account Dep.(Fubon Asset Management)
  • Alan Lin, Senior Associate (Yuanta Funds)
16:10 Closing Remarks