Market-Value Investment

TIP TAIEX+ IT Elite 30 Total Return Index

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More than 40% of the listed companies come from IT industry in Taiwan, which is a unique feature in capital market. Instead of taking financial indicators such as operational stability, the current IT-related indices only consider the market value as standard. Therefore, TIP launched the "TIP TAIEX+ IT Elite 30 Index" (called "TIP ITE 30 Index" or "ITE30" for short) on December 19th,2016. The methodology balances the long-term operational stability, competitiveness of products, shareholders’ rewards, and constant high dividends strategy.

Index Performance

Accumulated Return
1 Month 5.18%
3 Months 11.45%
6 Months 22.42%
1 Year 53.03%
3 Years 66.06%
5 Years 168.33%
Annualized Return
1 Year 53.03%
3 Years 18.42%
5 Years 21.82%
Annualized Standard Deviation
1 Year 18.09%
3 Years 20.31%
5 Years 20.17%
※The index performance is calculated through its total return index values.