Market-Value Investment

Korea/Taiwan IT Premier Index(USD)


IT is the most representative industry with the highest weight in the capital markets on both sides. Even with such high similarities in relation to both countries' industry, low correlation between both parties enhance the risk diversification. With Korea's high capital gains along with Taiwan's high dividend yield, "Korea/Taiwan IT Premier Index" provides the opportunity not only to diversify the risk but also to achieve high performance.

Index Performance

Accumulated Return
1 Month 6.12%
3 Months 11.61%
6 Months 21.33%
1 Year 37%
3 Years 14.18%
5 Years 150.43%
Annualized Return
1 Year 37%
3 Years 4.52%
5 Years 20.15%
Annualized Standard Deviation
1 Year 20.31%
3 Years 21.89%
5 Years 23%
※The index performance is calculated through its total return index values.